Mick Jagger Tribute Show

Mick Jagger Tribute Show - The Rolling Clone "Alex knows how to get a party started! I have had so many great comments about his performance." - Andy Smith, Marketing Manager UK&I, United Airlines It beggars belief that after five decades of death, drugs and falling out of coconut trees, The Stones continue to roll and show no sign of stopping! Of course, they're still a phenomenal live band, IF you can afford a ticket!

I have headed up Europe's finest tribute to the 'Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World', The Rolling Clones, for ten years and have toured the planet with them in that time.

The full band won't fit into a lot of venues, so I'm taking bookings for my solo Mick Jagger show. It has all the songs and energy of the full band, but takes up a fraction of the space and it much more cost-effective!

The show is up to 1 hour 50 minutes in length and is VERY energetic and has even made it into page 3 of The Sun! It comes fully self-contained with PA system and lighting, for shows in the UK.